A New Website and a New Organization

By NCSPP on March 21,2018

The National Center for Student Parent Programs (NCSPP) was founded at Endicott College in 2014, and quickly grew to reflect far more than the work of a single institution. Through building rich partnerships with colleges, universities, researchers, administrators and advocates who work to support college access and success for students with children, the National Center for Student Parent Programs reflects the contribution and commitment of a strong national network and a coordinated effort to support post-secondary education through a two-generation approach. To date, we have built project-based partnerships with institutions, programs and faculty in sixteen states. NCSPP members currently come from 26 different U.S. states from Hawaii to Maine, and we are growing toward a 50-state approach.


As the National Center for Student Parent Programs began growing out of its founding home institution, it was mutually decided by the leadership of Endicott College and the NCSPP Advisory Board, that NCSPP will transition toward an independent non-profit structure supported by its membership, philanthropic donations, and project-based grant, technical assistance, and program evaluation initiatives. NCSPP began this transition in January 2018, and is currently completing the formal processes involved in this transition. Membership with NCSPP is available with registration for the National Student Parent Success Symposium and will be open to non-attendees beginning in mid-to- late summer 2018.


The information, reports, and materials available on our new website (www.collegewithkids.org) reflect the work of the National Center for Student Parent Programs to date. The new website includes reports and findings generated through our recent multi-pronged, Center for Best Practices to Support Single Parent Students in Higher Education initiative, as supported by the U.S. Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. Previous reports and research supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Ascend at the Aspen Institute and Endicott College are also available.


Check out the Research section of the website to learn more about the Family Friendly Campus Toolkit, read about new research from our four Advanced Scholars, or download our Find Your Way Guide series, helping students with children find colleges with campus-based services for parenting students.


The Programs tab lists a number of past program initiatives, including program evaluation reports on Keys to Degrees, and the Boston Student Parent Initiative at Endicott College.


Click on over to the Symposium section of the website to register for the 2018 National Student Parent Success Symposium at Portland State University! The Call for Workshop Proposals is also still open!


We are also ramping up our social media! Check out amazing student parent families from across the country and around the world through our #studentparentoftheweek campaign on Instagram!


If you are a student parent that would like to volunteer as student parent of the week, we would love to have you! Send us a DM @collegewithkids to sign up!


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