Supporting College Access and Success for Students with Children Through Evidence-Based Strategies

The National Center for Student Parent Programs works to promote programming, research, and policy in support of comprehensive student parent services leading to successful degree completion, career development, and family well-being.

The successful completion of a college degree is one of the most effective strategies a low-income or single parent can take to permanently move out of poverty; however, support for higher education pursuits can be a significant challenge for student parents. Our mission is that everyone in the United States is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed in college including the necessary supports to balance college and parenting.


  • Work collaboratively as a national network to promote student parent success.
  • Develop systems of program evaluation to support ongoing improvement and program development to better serve the academic, career, family and personal success of student parents.
  • Pursue equitable higher education access and opportunity by ensuring that student parents are afforded equal opportunity for full participation parallel to the experiences of non-parenting peers.
  • Support research and expertise to guide programming and support public policies that increase persistence and degree completion for student parents.
  • Help families move out of poverty permanently through obtaining a college degree, in alignment with their personally defined goals and ambitions.