Elizabeth Osche

Associate Director, Program Evaluation & Research Group

Elizabeth Osche is the Associate Director of the Program, Evaluation & Research Group (PERG) at Endicott College. Recently Elizabeth has been involved in research and evaluation of two-generation programs, aimed at helping young student parents succeed in college. This work is highlighted by the study, Baccalaureate Student Parent Programs and the Students They Serve, the development of The Family Friendly Campus Toolkit, and an implementation study for the non-residential model for the Jeremiah Program in Boston.

She has also worked on a variety of other projects in multiple capacities ranging from large math/science partnerships, to smaller museum and aquarium projects.

For more information about PERG visit: http://www.endicott.edu/perg

Publications & Projects

The Family Friendly Campus Toolkit Website (for easily downloadable individual tools and forms)

Full Toolkit – Downloadable PDF

Baccalaureate Student Parent Programs and the Students They

Full Report

Fact Sheet: Student Parents at Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Fact Sheet: Student Parent Programs at Four-Year Colleges and Universities