Lisa Wittorff, LCSW.

Director, Services for Students with Children. Portland State University,

Lisa Wittorff, LCSW is the Director of Services for Students with Children at Portland State University. She has her Master of Social Work from California State University Sacremento. Lisa has worked as an adoptions social worker for twelve years and has adopted three special needs children as a single parent. Prior to coming to Portland State University in 2012, she worked for Children’s Protective Services for 22 years in Sacremento, California.

Lisa loves helping students with children find the resources they need to overcome tremendous barriers to success, stay in school, and complete their degrees. Under Lisa’s direction, SSWC has grown from a small resource center to an award winning program: NASPA Innovative Program Award, 2014. NASPA Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program award, 2017. Services for Students with Children is proud to be hosting the 2018 NSPSS.

Lisa joined Portland State in her current position in 2012, and completely revitalized the program for students with children. The program now includes a flexible childcare center, a large childcare subsidy program, a dedicated lounge space for students and their children, and much more.

Lisa joined the NCSPP advisory board in 2016 and is co-chair of the organizing committee for the 2018 Student Parent Success Symposium, to be hosted by Portland State University in June.

In addition to her contributions to the advisory board, from 2015-2017 SSC received funding from NCSPP to pilot a replication of the Keys to Degrees residential wraparound program model. Prior to this project Lisa oversaw PSU’s participation in the research study, Baccalaureate Student Parent Programs and the Students they Serve.

Lisa is also a regular contributor to Ascend at the Aspen Institute, and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s Student Parent Success Initiative.

For more information about Services for Students with Children at Portland State University visit: children/