Perry Threlfall, PhD.

George Mason University

Dr. Perry Threlfall is an Associate Researcher at the Center for Social Science Research, and Instructor of Sociology at George Mason University. Additionally she also teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University and Montgomery College and has previously held teaching appointments at George Washington University and University of Maryland at College Park. She has also been previously worked for the American Sociological Association and Sociologists for Women in Society on web-based outreach, and has supported and advised on NCSPP’s web and social media outreach strategies.

In her research Dr. Threlfall examines the institutional forces that facilitate mobility in the context of rapid sociopolitical change using critical feminist analysis. Her research focuses on social capital, mobility and inequality, at the public discourse and policy application levels, for women in marginalized spaces.

Dr. Threlfall has published multiple articles on supporting student parents in higher education including recent publications in the Society Pages and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Additionally her research at the Center for Social Science Research has focused on using restricted data from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey to identify and estimate institutional student parent populations based on the average populations of institutions matching a variety of specified institutional profiles (see Institutional Profiles Database below). This research was supported through NCSPP’s Advanced Scholars Program from 2015-2017.

Dr. Threlfall completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees in sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Ph.D. at George Mason University, as a non-traditional returning student and single mother of two.

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