Planned Resources

With new investments, we will be able to offer:


Research, literature, and policy databases, including the Campus Family Housing Database, the Find Your Way Database, the SPARK Knowledge Library, a searchable Roadmap, and more

Descriptive Data Insights

Analyses of recent student-parent characteristics, the potential parenting student population by state, and other data resources

Research and Learning Activities

Program evaluation, community-engaged methods, empowerment research, return-on-investment studies, and more

STAR Fellowships

Meaningful leadership roles for current and recent parenting students on all SPARK-related work through paid Skills and Training in Action Research (STAR) Fellowships

Policy Analysis

Cross-cutting policy analysis with usable resources for stakeholders across the field to learn how to take informed action

Action Network

Coordination of the segmented student-parent policy landscape by focus area, geography, or population to develop shared and complementary agendas guided by common values

Real-time Communications Platform

A forum for partners to discuss work to support pregnant and parenting students, as well as share insights and lessons, in real time

National STAR Network

Professional development for current and recent student parents in a national action research community with peer mentorship

Rainbow of student parents with kids walking

Let’s build something great together.